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SC Magazine awards 4.75 Star Rating to SafeNet Authentication Service (2014)

SC Magazine Finalist for Best Multifactor Solution, SafeNet Authentication Service (2015)

Laurie Usewicz, Vice President of Channel Sales, named a 2014 Channel Chief by The Channel Company’s CRN

SC Magazine Best Multi- and Second-Factor Solution Finalist: eToken (2010)

SC Magazine Best Multi- and Second-Factor Solution Finalist: eToken (2009)

Frost and Sullivan, Enabling Technology of the Year (2009)

SC Magazine 5-Star Rating: Sentinel Software Protection (2010)

SC Magazine Australia Product of the Year: DataSecure (2010)

Frost & Sullivan, Software Licensing and Management Product Line Innovation award: Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions portfolio (2011)

SIIA CODiE Award, Best DRM Solution: Sentinel Cloud (2012)

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