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Gemalto Software Monetization Training

Sentinel LDK Basic Training Course
Course Description:

The first step in any Sentinel LDK learning path, Sentinel LDK Basic training helps you explore the LDK environment in a hands-on format. Learn how to use licensing and how to protect your applications. The 2019 dates and locations for the training course are listed below.

Date Location
09. & 10. April 2019 German Gemalto Office
07. & 08. May 2019 German Gemalto Office
04. & 05. June 2019  German Gemalto Office

For any questions or individual training request, please contact your responsible sales person.

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The NEW Gemalto Cost Savings Calculator can help you figure out where your spend is going and how using a smart software monetization solution can help you save money in the long run.

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