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Software Application Marketing Tools

Expand Market Reach and Boost Sales

Secure Trialware

Secure Trialware is a means to generate revenue through viral marketing. Sentinel HASP enables you to distribute secure trialware versions of your software, allowing users to try some, or all parts of the software for a limited period (time-based or execution-based). After a pre-determined trial period, the trial version securely expires, and no longer runs on the end-user's machine. The user can then be directed to your website to purchase a full license for your software, which can be delivered via a software-based product key, or a hardware based HASP HL key. With Sentinel HASP's secure trialware feature, you can now launch new products with maximum impact.

Super Software Distribution

Sentinel HASP also enables Super Distribution of your software. While access to the trial software is limited for each user, they are free to share their trial version with as many friends as they choose, exposing its capabilities to many others who can evaluate the software for the same limited trial period. This converts the casual sharing of software from a revenue drain into an efficient distribution channel – securely leveraging the power of viral marketing! You thus turn potential customers into paying customers by allowing evaluation of your software, while ensuring it is protected from being illegally copied or used after the trial period expires. Your Intellectual Property remains safe – and so do your revenues.

HASP Features


End-User Registration

Sentinel HASP also will allow you to gather user registration information that can be linked to already-captured license data to gain insight into key customer and market trends – functionality that will not only improve your decision-making and product performance, but can also be a powerful marketing tool.

Sentinel HASP Features 1

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