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Software Licensing Implementation Services

Your licensing vision realized.

Once the business objectives of a licensing project are agreed upon and the solution architecture is established, it is time to execute. It is for this very reason that Gemalto also offers a team of highly skilled Software Licensing Implementation Consultants. With the insight gained from many years of successful implementations, Gemalto’s team of Implementation Consultants are available to guide you through the various tasks associated with bringing your licensing vision to life including:

From system configuration to customer experience enhancements, custom license models, and additional OS support, with Gemalto’s flexible product portfolio and our team of highly experienced Implementation Consultants your licensing implementation will not only meet your business objectives today but also scale to meet your evolving goals of tomorrow. Learn More


Integrate your licensing system into order fulfillment, ERP, CRM and other business intelligence systems enabling you to simplify and even automate manual time consuming tasks. Learn More  


Let our consultants ensure that your licensing system delivers the customer experience and business visibility your organization requires with custom Entitlement Management System configuration, partner and end-user portal personalization, integration with electronic delivery systems or storefronts, and more. Learn More  


Your dedicated team of Implementation Consultants will first gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s business objectives, internal processes, and various back office systems, and technical requirements – by working with your Gemalto Business Consultant or otherwise. Armed with that information your team will bring your vision to life. In addition to typical implementation services, Gemalto strives to meet customer requirements including but not limited to custom platform support, customer licensing models, customer report requirements, custom portals, and much more.

Learn about Gemalto's Software Licensing Consulting Services

White Paper - How to Get Software Licensing Right the First Time

This white paper explains why building a cohesive licensing team and aligning it with your business processes should take priority over integrating licensing technology with your software products.

Download the White Paper

Service Brief - Software Licensing Workshop: Strategy Design & Architecture Development

Learn about Gemalto's Licensing Solution Design Workshop which is intended for software publishers who are in the midst of building or rebuilding their software licensing strategy or implementation.

Download the Service Brief

Service Brief - Sentinel JumpStart

The Sentinel Jumpstart Service is designed to help new customers minimize setup time and ensure maximum utilization of their investment in Sentinel technology.

Download the Service Brief

Implementation TuneUp

Service Brief - Implementation TuneUp

Intended for software publishers that are using a licensing system of any kind, this service is designed to help ensure your licensing implementation is optimized and able to scale as your business goals and products continue to evolve.

Download the Service Brief

LEAP Newsletter

LEAP is your essential quarterly guide to software licensing, entitlement, and protection.

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